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Frequently asked questions.

At Hera, our goal is to provide our investors with the information required to make a confident investment decision. Below are a few commonly asked questions about our fund. If you have any other questions about investing with Hera Funds please contact us.

What is Hera Investment Funds?

Hera is a mortgage investment corporation located in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

How can I invest in Hera Investment Funds?

To invest in Hera Investment Funds, you can visit our official website or contact our customer support team for assistance. They will guide you through the investment process and help you get started.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment for non-registered funds is $50,000 and for registered funds such as RRSP and TFSAs is $10,000.

What types of investments does Hera focus on?

Hera primarily invests in mortgages within British Columbia.

What is the historical performance of Hera Investment Funds?

You can see our historical returns here. (Link)

Can I invest through a retirement or tax-free savings account? (TFSA and RRSP)

Yes. Hera is eligible for all registered funds such as TFSA and RRSP.

How are the funds managed?

Hera funds is managed by its team of professionals internally. The management of the funds has not been outsourced.

What are the fees associated with investing in Hera funds?

There are no fees associated with subscription. Hera funds covers the legal costs of subscription and the EMD fees in lieu of our investors.

Is there a lock-up period for my investments?

We ask that you plan to invest at Hera for a minimum period of 1 year. If you wish to redeem your shares before the 1 year period, you are charged the greater of $1000 or a 4% early redemption fee.

What is the redemption process for my investment?

You can email us at [email protected] and request a partial or total redemption.

Can I add to or withdraw from my investment at any time?

Yes, subject to the early redemption provisions.

How often are dividends calculated?

Dividends are calculated quarterly.

Can I invest in Hera Investment Funds through a financial advisor?

Yes, we recommend that you seek financial advice from the advisor of your choice, but ultimately Drake Financial, the exempt market dealer working with Hera will meet with you to assess your investment eligibility.

Are there tax advantages to investing in Hera funds?

Hera does not pay any taxes at the corporate level. Dividends are distributed to shareholders and each shareholder seeks their own tax advice from their advisors. You can invest in Hera through your RRSP and TFSA accounts to benefit from tax advantages.

How can I access my account information online?

Hera has created a personalized secure portal for every one of its investors. You can access your portal here (Link). Please contact us for access if you need help. (Link)

What is the Hera Investment Funds & investment philosophy?

Hera invests in mortgages in British Columbia with a focus of preservation of capital and safety while maximizing returns for our investors.

How are my investments diversified?

Hera invests in a mix of residential and commercial properties in first and second mortgage positions to maintain a diversified portfolio.

Are my investments insured against loss?

No. Hera’s investments are backed by real estate assets and also Hera carries a contingency fund for default on investments. Hera is a beneficiary to the property insurance in which it has a lien but there are no specific insurances that cover any of Hera’s investors.

What is the expected return on investment?

Please check our historical returns here. (Link) Hera does not announce any expectations on returns.

What is the risk level associated with investing in Hera funds?

There are risks associated with every kind of investment. For a better understanding of those risks please contact your financial advisor.

How often does Hera Investment Funds release reports and updates?

Hera releases quarterly dividend reports to all of its investors and issues an updated annual Offering Memorandum (Link).

Can I receive dividends from my investments?

Yes. You can withdraw your dividends quarterly or you can choose to reinvest them, in which case your dividends will be compounded quarterly.

What types of accounts can I open with Hera Investment Funds?

You can subscribe to Class B Preferred shares at Hera. For registered funds such as RRSP and TFSAs, you will need to open an account with Western Pacific Trust (Link). Contact us for help.(Link)

What is the process for opening a new account?

To subscribe to Hera, we will arrange for a meeting for you to discuss your investment intention with Drake Financial who will guide you in the subscription process.

Can I transfer my existing investments to Hera Investment Funds?

Yes. You can transfer your investments form any financial institution to Hera.

How do I receive my statements and tax documents?

Your statements are available to you on your portal here(Link). We mail you your T5 Tax slip by end of February of every year.

How does Hera Investment Funds handle market volatility?

Hera issues 13 month term mortgages so that it can adjust its portfolio to changing market conditions.

Can I invest in Hera funds with a business account?

Yes. You can invest from a personal account, a business account, or a registered fund account through a trustee.

How often are distributions made to investors?

Distributions are made quarterly.

How do I update my contact information and preferences?

To update your preferences or information please contact us. (Link)

How does Hera Investment Funds handle taxes for non-resident investors?

Hera withholds the taxes and submits to Canada Revenue Agency. Foreign investors receive the NR4 slip to show the withheld and submitted tax amounts.

How can I access historical fund performance data?

You can access Hera’s Historical Data Here.

How does Hera Investment Funds handle reinvesting dividends?

Dividends are reinvested every quarter. Investors who choose to reinvest their dividends benefit from quarterly compounding of their dividends.

Can I view my account statements and tax documents online?

Yes. Please log into your portal to check your statements.