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For Brokers

If you are a mortgage broker looking to partner with Hera Investment Funds, learn how you can submit a deal to us, understand our mortgage terms, and utilize our calculators to assess potential investment opportunities.

Submit a deal

Brokers can submit their deals directly to Hera by emailing the following preliminary documents to [email protected]

  • Mortgage Application
  • Credit Bureau
  • Appraisal Report
  • Any available income documents.

Our Differentiators

Our service standard stipulates a 24 hour response from us as to Hera’s interest to pursue a deal further. Once we have communicated our interest, we might ask for further documentation. We issue commitment letters within 24 hours of accepting an application.

  • Competitive Rates
  • Fast YES or NO
  • We will collect your broker fees from the proceeds and forward you a cheque
  • Common sense approach to underwriting

Mortgage Terms

  • Hera issues 13 month term mortgages with the possibility of renewal on month 12.
  • Our mortgages are primarily OPEN with no pre-payment penalties.
  • We focus on the safety of capital and ensure that we only lend to clients with a clear plan for full repayment of the principal upon maturity.
  • Hera’s mortgages are Interest Only and not amortized.
    Occasionally we withhold payment for the full term of the mortgage.
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Lending Criteria


Major metropolitan areas in British Columbia

Property Type

Residential, Commercial

Borrower Type

Individuals, Corporations


3-13 months open

Mortgage Type

First & Second Mortgage