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How Hera Fund Works.

At Hera, investors subscribe to our preferred shares. Hera uses Drake Financial as its Exempt Market Dealer to manage the transactions. Hera uses the capital from subscriptions to issue secured mortgages to applicants through its network of select mortgage broker referral sources.

Reliable Returns.

The revenue from the mortgages is distributed to investors on a quarterly basis. Investors can choose to receive cash dividends quarterly or resubscribe their dividends as shares and earn compound interest on their earnings. Investors can use their RRSP, TFSA and other registered funds to invest into Hera.

Investors invest their money in Hera by buying shares in the company. Hera lends out the money to borrowers as mortgages.

Borrowers pay the interest on their mortgages to Hera. Hera distributes the interest to the investors.

Our approach to business is relationship based and we value and celebrate our relationships with our referral partners, investors, clients, and mortgage brokers.